Dorset YFC Rally 2020/2021

Competition Results 2020/2021

Bale Art 1st Place

NFU Cup Winners  –  Bale Art Winners

Sherborne YFC

Bale Art 2nd Place

Puddletown YFC

Fencing 1st Place

Davies Fencing Shield Winners

Puddletown YFC

Louis, John and Will

Fencing 2nd Place

Beaminster YFC

Sam, Owen and Jacob

Pallet 1st Place

Puddletown YFC

John and Craig

Pallet 2nd Place

Beaminster YFC

Sam and Owen

Beaminster YFC Cup

Club with highest Handicraft Points

Marshwood Vale YFC

Roy Christopher Challenge Cup

Handicraft Highest Individual

Joanna from Marshwood Vale YFC

Handford Farms Cup

Highest cookery points for an Intermediate member

Joanna from Marshwood Vale YFC

Miss J Down Trophy

Highest cookery points for a Junior member

Henrietta from Sherborne YFC

Portman & S G Brown Esq Trophy

Senior Girl Most Points

Charlotte from Puddletown YFC

Phyllis & Robin Bowers Rose Bowl

Intermediate Girl Most Points

Joanna from Marshwood Vale YFC

Miss Hervey Murray Cup

Junior Boy Most Points

Luke from Sherborne YFC

Old Mill Challenge Cup

Senior Boy Most Points

John from Puddletown YFC

William Cole Cup

Junior Girl Most Points

Henrietta from Sherborne YFC

West Fossil Trophy/CW Cole

Club with less tha 25 members most points

Sherborne YFC

Dorset YFC Rally Shield

Club gaining the most points overall

Puddletown YFC (233 points)

Dorset YFC Rally Shield Placings

2nd Place –  Marshwood Vale YFC  –  207 points

3rd Place – Sherborne YFC – 103 points

4th Place – Beaminster YFC – 70 points

5th Place – Blandford YFC – 9 points

6th Place – Gillingham & Shaftesbury YFC – 4 points

Symonds & Sampson Junior Tug of War

Sherborne YFC will be representing 

Dorset YFC at SWA

We would like to say a big thank you to all our judges through our Rally 2020 Month.

Caroline House and Jenny Curtis for organising the Rally Day competitions

Angela Frampton for judging the Bale Art Compeititon

Rob Knight for judging the Fencing Competition

Matthew Frampton for judging the Pallet competition alongside a County Vote

And thanks also goes to the Martin Family for letting us use their venues for some of our competitions

Also to Kingston Maurward College for letting us host our Presentation Afternoon at their venue

Finally to our Rally Sponsors Cornish Mutual