Chairman’s Message

Hi everyone !

What a busy month it has been, wildlife pictures, TikTok videos and endless club pre AGMs. I know the last few months have been a struggle for many clubs, but we are hopefully starting to come out the other side now.

If you are stepping down from club roles this year I would like to say a huge Thankyou for all the effort you have put in at club and county level ! We have 265 members and I can say I know most of you and your all assets to the federation !

I’m looking forward to Meeting all our new Or re elected club Officers at our training day on 1st November hopefully in person if no local lockdowns are introduced. It’s an important day to gain key knowledge and most importantly get to know how other clubs run and meet your competition 😂

Our entertainments competition is looking promising that it will go ahead on 5th December, so what better way to fill an evening in your program than practicing “oh no he isn’t” yup it’s panto !!!

Wishing you all the best

Stay safe

Matt Frampton

County Chairman


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