Chairman’s Message

Hello all!

September brings the start of another young farmers’ year as the final few competitions are held and you get ready for club AGM’s. A big well done to everyone who has or will be helping out on a show stand, it is really important to show the public what YFC has to offer.

The most disappointing news this month was that NFYFC has cancelled all the future Annual Convention weekends as a result of bad behaviour at this years event. It is a shame as I know for quite a few older members it is one of the highlights of the YFC year. There are always a few great anecdotes in harvest supper speeches every year. Lets hope going forward there is a chance for it to come back in the not too distant future!

Well done to the 24 junior members & 3 leaders who attended the Junior SWA weekend in the Brecon Beacons. From what I’ve heard a good time was had by all and you were well behaved. Well I’ve not had any phone calls or emails anyway! It’s a really good opportunity for junior members, especially as the Dorset 200 club will most likely sponsor you!

All the best.


County Chairman

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