Message from our County Chairman

Hello all!

October has been a month of reflection.

Having to write a speech for all the harvest suppers held has meant I’ve been looking at all the competitions, fundraising & social events of the year. I am really impressed by what every one has achieved and I end my term a very proud chairman.

I am relieved I am not the Harvest supper judge, as I have attended some very good evenings with great food and hilarious entertainments. Well done to everyone involved, it is apparent how much effort has gone into your events.

Last weekend we held the club officer training, thank you to everyone who attended and I wish you a good year in office. Also held last weekend was the Junior & Senior members of the year competitions, well done to all who took part.

As this is my last message I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, members of Dorset YFC, for the last 12 months with all you have achieved and for supporting me as your chairman. I look forward to the new challenges of Vice Chairman of SWA YFC.

All the best


County Chairman

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